MHC Consulting, Inc.

MHC Consulting Inc. specializes in providing complete systems for small and medium sized businesses, emphasizing superior customer services and customer satisfaction.

Our technicians analyze your needs for complete systems development, software applications, hardware implementation, web design, hosting, and workstation/network maintenance.

Overall, MHC Consulting services will allow you to modernize your business for maximum efficiency, allowing the company to become more profitable resulting with investments yielding greater returns.

Company History

MHC Consulting operates as a privately owned company based in Slidell, Louisiana.  Mark H. Cohn formed the company in June 1998 with the primary focus of maintaining a solid management team that will continually improve client services, support and customer service.  Our area of service is primarily focused on, but not limited to, the southeastern region of the United States.  In the 1st quarter of 2001 MHC Consulting started offering the services of computer consulting, remote access, and business consulting; our goal is to be recognized as the leader in these fields.


MHC Consulting realizes the business community’s need for complete administrative services. Companies currently hire out or build in-house departments to accomplish the tasks of workstation/networks, web design, hosting, systems security, and software implementation. Our services will eliminate the need for such expenses, and will lower the overall business’s overhead. Our target customers will be new start-up companies in need of our services as well as existing small to medium sized companies that desire to streamline and improve overall business operations.